First off, a little about me.  I’m 40 years old (actually, I will be 40 on 3 October).  I’ve lived in Alaska since 1994, and consider this my home.  Yes, I know Sarah Palin, and no, I don’t think she’d make a great President.

Why “p”IT Guy?  I’ve worked on race cars since 1991.  I was introduced to the sport by a coworker when I lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and have worked on or owned several types since then.  I started on Late Models at Langley Raceway.  After moving to Alaska I got involved with sprint cars, and worked on a 410 cubic inch, alcohol fuel-injected winged sprint for several years.  My wife and I got involved with a friend who ran a dirt track, and we helped her run the Alaska Sprint Tour for several years.  I was the pit marshal, and my wife was a flagger.  When our friend started running an asphalt track, we followed her.

Eventually, we were bitten by the racing bug and built our own car.  I took a 1991 Honda CRX and built it into one of the fastest Mini Stock cars in the state.  Due to a change of  jobs I could no longer race, so my wife took over driving duties.  Then, due to a low car count in our class, we bought a Legend car.

That car was a blast!  You could drive it anywhere on the track, and it was QUICK!  Unfortunately, my wife was so concerned about our new daughter she was unable to drive as well as she was able, but she still ended up as the Alaska State Semi-pro Asphalt champion in 2006.  We finally sold the car at the end of the 2010 season and moved on to other things.

Specifically, flat track roller derby.  She helped form a new team in Alaska, and we moved from big wheels and lots of horsepower to small wheels and lots of booty!  As a friend of ours puts it, “You’re the man.  You went from a sport dominated by dudes to a sport dominated by skimpily clad women.  You’re my hero!”

And I still perform pit crew duties for the roller derby team.  I maintain skates, put on maintenance classes, and generally do whatever is needed to help the team out.  Not to mention that I’ve worked in the IT field for over 22 years.  Hence, “p”IT Guy!